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It has so much wisdom. The book is very good I love taking my time to read it because i'm getting o much out of it .You have done an awesome job!!

Elder Carmen Jones

New Horizons Bible College

Associates Theology

Memorial Hospital

This book is awesome and so powerful! Thank you for sharing about God's favor in these challenging times. There is so much wisdom and instruction!!!

Kathy Richard

Elder at New Horizons; Teacher

Holy Cross

I read the entire book! I used my highlighter to highlight the WOW parts and almost highlighted the entire book!! I am confident and FULLY persuaded that this book will bless you!

Michele Patton Johnson

US Army Staff Sergeant, Recruiter

I've been reading my Favor In the Rough book even at the stop lights!! It's blessing me!

Lakrisha Perry

Mary Kay Consultant

South Bend Clinic Human Resources

 Favor In The Rough is a powerful read. I read it once, about to read it case I missed something! This time I'm taking notes!!

Kristen Williams

YWCA Of St. Joe. County

Favor In The Rough is a must read.. WE STARTED A BOOK CLUB for this book!!! Love it!

Tanika Lark

Elder/Teacher /Adjutant

Medical Representative

So I was sitting my Doctor's office reading my book and a lady asked me what I was reading. After I explained she insisted on purchasing one!!

Latika Walker

Veteran Affairs Administrative Assistant

I love this book. It is so inspirational!!

Calvin Crawford

Utility at Steel Warehouse

This book is a must read!!!!

Tosha Smith

Old National Bank

Thank you for sharing your love, wisdom and encouragement in literary form!!!

Adrianna Petty

Saint Mary's College Notre Dame

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