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Dr. Debra D. Givens

 was born and raised in South Bend Indiana. In 1983 Debra accepted the call of God to minister under a prophetic, evangelistic and teaching mantle. She serves as assistant pastor to her husband Dr. Dennis Givens who is the founder of a thriving church New Horizons Outreach Ministry.

    One of the greatest mandates that Debra has accepted from God is the responsibility to impart knowledge to the body of Christ by equipping and mobilizing this generation towards strategic spiritual warfare. God has gifted Debra to carry out this mandate through the use of a highly effective psalmist anointing. Birthed from the psalmist ability is the music ministry team "High Praise," which she founded many years ago. High Praise has been invited to minister in song to many and is instrumental in helping to set the captive free through songs of deliverance.

     Debra continues to write and produce songs that inspire the hearts of many to appreciate praise and worship unto God. 

     One of Debra's favorite leisure pursuits is decorating and making things beautiful! She is co-owner of a decorating company D and D Decorating and Design.

     Debra is a sought after Women's Conference speaker and has spread the gospel via a local television network LeSEA Broadcasting and a national weekly broadcast on Dish Network, and a local weekly radio station WUBS 89.7 and other radio broadcasts across America. Debra is called upon to minister and sing in conferences, revivals and seminars across the country. 

     God has birthed through Debra a women's affirmation and deliverance ministry which have freed hundreds of women both young and old. 

Debra's leisure pursuit is decorating and design.

      After completing several years of studies at South Western Michigan College and Indiana University at South Bend Debra has gone on to receive her doctorate of religious philosophy from Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary of Tampa Florida. She is Co-founder of New Horizons Bible College. She is also a graduate of Class 37 Leadership Chamber of Commerce of St. Joseph County. it is the sincere desire of Debra Givens to train individuals internationally to become mighty warriors through the word of God.

      Dennis and Debra have been blessed with two beautiful daughters Cara and Kaylee Givens.

My Family

Dennis and Debra Givens

Kaylee E. Givens

Cara O. Givens

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